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Baby Classes  


Age 3 - 12 months

Supporting development & early interaction

These classes engage babies through sound, touch, gentle movement and props. They are carefully designed to help with coordination and are a great way for babies to learn to interact with one another. They’ll quickly recognise their favourite songs and rhythms, and will be crawling towards their favourite shaker or bell in no time at all! It’s a fantastic way to bond with your baby and an opportunity to connect with other parents and caregivers. 

teenie toddlers

Age 1 - 2 years

Building confidence & developing skills, 

These classes are full of original songs and colourful, dynamic activities designed to captivate and cultivate. Pippa Panda’s “action songs” have been mindfully written to support your child's early linguistic development, focussing on core concepts like numbers and colours. Vibrant props aid visual memory, and rhythmical movement helps form and strengthen neural bridges that are essential for later learning. See their social skills and confidence grow every week as each tries to outdo each other clapping hands, stamping feet, and tidying-up with gusto! 

Bigger Toddlers

Age 2 - 3 years

Learning self expression & control

With the introduction of weekly themes, these energetic classes encourage small children to really express themselves through song and dance. Each class includes a rich variety of activities, including story-telling with Pippa Panda, drama games and musical appreciation. We strike a balance between encouraging free movement and teaching self-control, as each little one gets to grips with being a part of a group, learning to listen and play along with others.

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