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Weekly Music & Drama classes held during term time in clubs, nurseries & Kindergartens

Featuring original catchy songs written by Pippa that cover the six areas of the EYFS curriculum.

Music Classes  


Children are taught the fundamentals of music including singing, rhythm, pitch, timing and how sounds are formed. Every class includes playing on sticks, drums, shakers and bells, as well as movement, giving the children the confidence to try new dance moves. 

Drama Classes  


Let Pippa Panda introduce the children to the performing arts! Every lesson we’ll go on an adventure, allowing budding young actors to role play and practise improvisation and storytelling. It’s all about make-believe and having fun with characters.

Original Summer

& Nativity shows  


Pippa works extensively in musical theatre and loves writing original summer and Christmas shows for nurseries. Just give us a brief and we’ll create a brand new show with fabulous songs specifically for you! To listen to some of Pippa’s music from her professional musicals please click here. 

Prices vary upon frequency and class length. 

We usually provide either 60 or 90 minutes each week, consisting of 2 o 3 consecutive half-hour lessons adapted to each age group.

Please contact us to request a free trial class in your setting.


‘ Pippa has a clear love of music and always brings a fantastic energy to each class. Her lessons are always really well planned, with all the children’s different needs taken into account. She understands what the two yearolds are capable of and creates really fun lessons suitable for this age group, which include a lot of noise! The children light up during the lessons and it is plain to see how much they enjoy their singing lessons with Pippa’s Poppets. Pippa also makes sure the older children aged between 3 and 4 are also engaged, ensuring they are doing something different each week. Pippa is very involved with our school productions. Last year, she wrote songs and music for both summer plays. Pippa always has new ideas and suggestions and is very supportive when  you are organising a school show’


Miss Daisy, Headmistress of Miss Daisys’s Nursery in Belgravia & Chelsea

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