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Pippa's Cat Sitting

As well as children's music and drama, Pippa absolutely loves cats and offers her cosy flat as a place to stay when their owners are away!  


Info and Prices:

Pippa adores cats and works from home so is always around to give cuddles. She lives in the heart of Angel (just off Islington Green, London) and therefore have no outside space but it’s a really lovely secure cosy flat. She's always playing the piano as she's a composer & songwriter so it’s a very welcoming environment.

£15 a day to have your cat come and live with me whilst you’re away. You’d need to do drop off / pick up (there is parking available) and bring appropriate litter tray, food, blankets & toys etc. Minimum 3 nights. Happy to discount for stays longer than 10 days. Please email to enquire. 

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