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Your Father Christmas

Blow your guests away with a special bespoke appearance from the big man himself!

Whether it's a grotto, prize draw, or Christmas sing-a-long, our incredible Father Christmas will always deliver! As a critically acclaimed West End performer, there's nothing he can't do!

Hire him for a 30-minute Grotto or a bespoke appearance for up to 2 hours. We will always provide an Elf to accompany him.

To chat with us about pricing and your needs so that we can curate a bespoke visit, please fill out our enquiry form.

"A quick note to say how blown away we were by Curtis and Rebecca’s performance last night at Soho Farmhouse. They were absolutely spectacular and highly convincing.  I’ve had multiple mothers come up to me and ask where I found him!"

- Rosie at Soho Farmhouse

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