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At Pippa’s Poppets, we understand the importance of safety, privacy and security for your children and staff. To this end, we ensure that all of our teachers follow certain security and safeguarding procedures in order to protect both the children and themselves.

Security & Safeguarding

  • All teachers must possess an Enhanced DBS certificate which is 1 year within date OR enrolled on the DBS update service, with no convictions. If they do not have this, or their certificate expires, we will pull them from any classes immediately until their DBS is up to date.

  • We have a copy (photo) of our staff's photo ID and their DBS certificate, this is kept securely on file and shared with you for your records and surety. 

  • If a teacher is going to your venue/nursery for the first time or is covering a class they don’t usually teach, we request that our teachers take photo I.D and their DBS certificate with them, in case you or your staff wish to see it for peace of mind.

  • We understand that each nursery and setting will have their own security procedures in place, for example, signing in and out. it is important that you let us know any specific security or safeguarding measures that you would like or expect our teachers to follow, in advance.

  • We love working with all children and we are aware that there may be children or young people in your setting with additional needs and/or disabilities. We ask that you make us aware of individual children's needs or any behavioral concerns so that our teachers can be mindful of and make any necessary accommodations as needed. We want all children to be involved as much as possible. 

  • Our teachers are given basic training in understanding safeguarding, and if any member of our team has any reason to believe there is a safeguarding concern with any of the children or staff, or if there is a behavioral issue they are unsure how to deal with, they will communicate this confidentially with the Deputy Head of Pippa’s Poppets who will support and advise staff appropriately.

  • Pippa’s Poppets will always make you, the client, aware of any issue or concern brought to us by a teacher.

  • If you have a concern about the safety or behavior of any member of our staff, please report this to us immediately. It will be treated with confidence and if deemed necessary, a full investigation carried out.

  • We will never share photos of your children or staff unless express written permission has been given.

  • We request that no photos or videos of our staff are taken or shared online unless written consent has been given by the individual staff member. 

  • Any photos or videos of our class content are not to be shared online without permission from the head office. 

Health & Safety

  • Whilst we ensure all of our staff are trained to be switched on and alert to any health and safety risks and flag any concerns, it is the duty of the client to provide an appropriate safe space and setting for our classes which have had the requisite risk assessments carried out prior. If one of our teachers does not feel it is safe or appropriate to carry out a class they will always put the safety of themselves and the children first.

  • Pippa’s Poppets staff do not require mandatory first aid training as a member of staff from your nursery should always be present, please make your Pippa’s Poppets teacher aware of your emergency first aider.

  • All equipment used by our staff has been provided by Pippa’s Poppets directly and we regularly check our staff kits for safety and general wear and tear to ensure all instruments, scarves etc. are to the standard we expect. 

  • Bubble wands will only be used in spaces where the bubble mixture will not cause a surface to become slippery or dangerous.

  • Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we take risk of infection very seriously and so we encourage our staff not to attend sessions if they are feeling unwell, and instead find appropriate cover.

  • We expect nurseries/clients to notify us about any serious illness outbreak within their settings as soon as possible and ask them to keep any child who has had a recent infection, out of class due to the sharing of props. 

  • All equipment is wiped down with antibacterial wipes weekly.

  • Any equipment that ends up in mouths or gets dirty will be cleaned before next use. 

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